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Delivery and Planting



We deliver what we sell within our local delivery area.

We also ship non-living material via Fed-Ex or Purolator within Canada.  Delivery prices vary depending on distance/time of delivery and the product being delivered.  Please call customer service @ 905-427-2525 for more info.


Our planting services includes planting of any nursery products purchased from our store.  We also offer tree inspection service and consultations.  For more info or to book a delivery and planting please contact our service department.


Things to remember before requesting planting service: 

1. Select your location

2. Consult with our nursery expert to see if the location you have chosen is the best place for the tree or shrub you are about to purchase.

3. Call before you dig (Call your local utilities to mark underground cables and pipes)  It's a free service and its also the law in Ontario.