The Best Defense




The Best Defense…Is Good Plant Care!

Healthy plants are more resistant to weeds, bugs and diseases. There are steps that you as a gardener can take to help your gardens and indoor plants stay healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

Outdoor Plants:

q     Check the preferred growing conditions before you plant

q     Choose hardy and disease resistant varieties

q     Space plants to ensure good air circulation around the base

q     Water in the morning to prevent fungus growth

q     Deep water to encourage good root structure

q     Fertilize regularly to keep plant in good health

q     Apply mulch to prevent weeds and retain moisture

q     Add compost to add nutrients and encourage beneficial bugs

q     Encourage birds, butterflies and bees to your garden

q     Apply new soil in spring to cover any exposed roots

q     Monitor for pests regularly, Sticky tape traps can help identify pests

q     Plant companion plants like marigolds, nasturtiums and herbs to help discourage pests

q     Remove diseased or infected leaves, do not compost in yard

q     Remove weeds to prevent competition for nutrients and water

q     Protect tender shrubs and evergreens for the winter especially in exposed locations

q     Remove winter wrapping once the day temperature is 5C or above

q     Check if you have a late budding shrub before deciding to dig it up


Indoor Plants:

q     Water plants well once a week if they need it

q     Ensure soil has good drainage

q     Use indoor plant fertilizer

q     Ensure plants have a large enough pot so that they do not become pot bound

q     Always re-pot using good quality container soil not garden soil

q     Make sure the light conditions are appropriate

q     Keep plants away from outside and vent draughts