Fertilizer Products




Healthy plants and lawns are more resistant to weeds, bugs and diseases. There are many great fertilizing products that you can use to help your plants stay healthy throughout the year.

The product label has all the information required to use a product. Read the entire label including precautions before using a product.


Green Earth

Green Earth Bone Meal 2-14-0

  • Granular, organic source of phosphorus (14%)
  • Dust free application.
  • Enriches soil with nutrients.
  • Encourages flower and bulb production.
  • Builds strong root systems of newly seeded plants.

Green Earth Blood Meal 12-0-0
  • Natural, long lasting water soluble and slow release nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Promotes dark green colour and growth.
  • Great source of iron.
  • Excellent for use on small lawns and gardens.

Green Earth Rose, Annual & Perennial Food 4-8-4

  • Specially balanced formulation for roses.
  • Encourages roses to reach maximum flowering potential.
  • Encourages root growth of transplanted roses.

Green Earth Tree & Shrub  Food 4-3-9

  • Formulated to enhance the colour and bushy growth of evergreens, trees and shrubs.
  • Apply beneath trees, shrubs and hedges.
  • Contains 100% natural/organic ingredients.