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Surround yourself with the splendor and spicy fragrance of roses in your own garden. 

We grow over 300 varieties in our own fields. With so many colours, shapes and fragrances you'll find them hard to resist.

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Choosing the right spot is important for your rose. All roses prefer at least six hours of sunlight per day and well drained soil. A good deep watering at the base of your roses in the morning helps keep your roses looking beautiful and healthy!

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses have long canes which can be trained over fences, walls, trellis, pergolas or arbors.
The flowers come in many forms from large Hybrid Teas to small clusters of miniature blooms.


Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Teas are the roses you love to give and receive on Valentine’s Day. They are born on long stems singly or with side buds and are ideal to bring into the house as cut flowers. The first modern Hybrid Tea rose was the introduction of ‘Peace’ in 1945.


Grandiflora Roses

The largest-blooming and showiest type. Flowers are large like the Hybrid Teas, often fragrant, but produced in cluster like the Floribundas.
This class of rose has the ability to bear clusters of flowers and grow to a grand height of 6-8’ or more!


Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses are easy to care for, and are often 3-4’ tall with large clusters of blossoms. They are hardier than Hybrid Teas, although the flowers are smaller. They are a great choice for flower borders or hedges with their colourful, long-lasting blooms.


Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses are easy to grow, have good disease resistance and are very hardy. Many create elaborate displays in the garden with their abundant blooms and wonderful fragrance.


English Roses

English Roses took the gardening world by storm with their fragrance and subtle colours. They combine the delicate charm and fragrance of an Old Rose with the colour and long blooming of a modern Rose. They are ideal for cutting but need to be protected in the winter.


Explorer Roses

Explorer Roses were bred for hardiness in cold climates. They are very easy to grow and have a good disease resistance. Explorer Roses come in a variety of colours and most are repeat bloomers.


Ground Cover Roses

Ground cover roses became popular a few years ago when the ‘Carpet’ series was launched.
They make great ground covers, are lightly scented and often repeat bloomers.



These are bushy, two feet tall and are a cross between Multiflora and Hybrid Tea.  They are trouble free plants typically used for edging and hedges.


Miniature Roses

With a maximum height of 15 inches these are hardier than Hybrid Tea and Floribunda. 


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