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Water Filters

We carry a great selection of Evolution Aqua, Laguna, and Tetra pond filters.

All ponds will benefit from the addition of a filtration system. Without a filter, water quality can suffer. Filters keep ponds clean, clear and healthy.

Replacement foams, media and other filter accessories for each of the product lines are all available in the store or can be ordered at any time. Please call the Pond Department for pricing on these specific products.


Follow the links below to view our Pond Filtration product lines.

Filter Media

Vandermeer Nursery carries several different types of Filter Media.
Kaldnes K1 and Micro, Bio Balls, Lava Rock, Ceramic media, and Filter matting.

Laguna Filters

Laguna provides filtration for any size or shape of pond; from a small basin on a deck to an extra-large pond. Each Laguna filter has their own key benefits including easy installation, low maintenance and clear and healthy pond water. The Pressure-Flo series includes ultra violet light sterilizers to ensure crystal clear water conditions.

Clearguard Filters

clearguard pond filter

Pondmaster Clearguard filters are versatile and easy-to-use! Combination of biological & Mechanical Media for Maximum Water Clarity and Healthier Ponds with separate UV Clarifiers (9W and 18W).

SICCE Filters

To obtain the best performance of the filter, SICCE recommends to use it in combination with Master DW pumps or Syncra HF pumps. The filter can be placed next to the pond, above the pond water level, or buried in the ground according to the need of the user.

Evolution Aqua Filtration Products

Evolution Aqua is a world leader in pond filtration. Combining mechanical and biological filters in one foot print provide outstanding water clarity and quality, ultimately resulting in healthier fish. These EA filter systems are utilized around the world for koi and ornamental fish ponds.

How Your Nexus, Cetus, and Eazy Pods are Made  - Jasper Kuiper (.pdf format needs Adobe reader)

Skimmers & Drains

The first step in a proper pond is ensuring that waste products are efficiently removed for processing by the filtration system. In addition to pond filters the application of bottom drains coupled with skimmers is essential in this regard.