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PVC flexible tubingAqua Flex™ tubing simplifies plumbing by eliminating the need for elbows and joints. Both durable and pressure-resistant, it has built-in, rigid reinforcements rings that ensure the pipe will not compress or kink. With its smooth bore the pipe will not impede flow. Easy to work with. More rugged and freeze-tolerant than rigid standard PVC pipe or other flexible hose. Increases productivity, and shortens installation times. Glues to standard schedule 40 plumbing fittings, using standard primerless PVC glue. Accepts standard Grey Poly insert fittings.

Item Description
PHPVC3450   3/4" Aqua Flex PVC Tubing
PHSAV1050   1" Aqua Flex PVC Tubing
PHPVC1450   1/4" Aqua Flex PVC Tubing (limited qty)
PHPVC1550X   1 1/2" Aqua Flex PVC Tubing
PHPVC2050X   2" Aqua Flex PVC Tubing

LAGUNA Non-Kink Hose

Premium quality Laguna Non-Kink Tubing provides the strength and flexibility required in a variety of pond applications. The thick and durable hosing is reinforced with solid concentric wire ribbing that will not collapse due to back pressure or a reasonable amount of weight from gravel or covering material.POND TUBING The tubing material is thick yet flexible and will not kink, ensuring minimum water resistance and maximum water flow, even in the sharpest turns. The black hosing does not encourage the growth of algae and can easily be camouflaged. The tubing material is non-toxic and will not harm fish or plants.

Item Description
HL12 1/2" Laguna Non-Kink hose
HL34 3/4" Laguna Non-Kink hose
HL1 1" Laguna Non-Kink hose
HL114 1 1/4" Laguna Non-Kink hose
HL112 1 1/2" Laguna Non-Kink hose
HL2 2" Laguna Non-Kink hose


Item Description
TC18 1/8" Clear Tubing
TC316 3/16" Clear Tubing
TC14 1/4" Clear Tubing
TC38 3/8" Clear Tubing
TC12 1/2" Clear Tubing
TC58 5/8" Clear Tubing
TC58R 5/8" Clear Tubing - RE-ENFORCED
TC34 3/4" Clear Tubing
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