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Fish Ponds & Water Gardening

Just the sound from a small water feature is enough to create a gentle, inviting mood in your yard. We carry a wide selection of water plants, fish and pond hardware. Whether you're looking for a tabletop fountain or an outdoor Koi pond, we have everything you need to create the pond or water garden of your dreams.


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Koi & Pond Fish for Sale

We invite you out to visit our Fishery Department!

Vandermeer Nursery carries a nice selection of healthy Japanese and Import/Domestic Koi.

Our selection includes standard fin koi and long fin koi (Butterfly Koi) in many varieties of colour.


Beautiful Wakin, Pond Comets, Sarasa Comets, Shubunkin, and Fantails

We ship our Koi and Pond Products from Coast to Coast with in Canada.

Japanese Koi Koi Varieties Koi eating

Vandermeer Nursery
Your Pond Specialty Store!

Our Staff are knowledgeable
and experienced with
all things water gardening and fish keeping.

Offering the best pond products at reasonable prices.

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Pond and Water Garden Products

Koi and Goldfish food pond filters ultra violet pond pumps air pumps
Fish Food & Health Care Pond Filters / Skimmers / Drains U.V. Sterilizers / Clarifiers Water Pumps Aeration / Air Pump
pond additives pond liner hose tubing waterfall wier  KOI FISH NET
Water Treatments Pond Liners / Underlay Tubing & Hose Ornamental Accessories Nets
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pond de-icer
OCTOBER 1st 2017
Hardy and Tropical Water Plants  Planting Baskets Seasonal items
We are currently not taking any internet orders as we strongly believe in customer service.  Your phone calls/emails are answered by actual pond professionals who will have answers and solutions to your questions and recommend the right product for your needs.
Please do not email us any personal information, such as credit card number.

kalndes k1 micro

K1 media has been used by Evolution kaldnes k1 mediaAqua in Koi filtration systems for a number of years. This new type of filter media, K1 Micro, contains all of the benefits of traditional K1 media but is extruded in a much smaller form. The small wheel shaped filter media pieces provide a significantly increased protected surface area per cubic meter when compared to standard K1 for bacteria to colonize. This makes K1 Micro an ideal filter media for aquariums of all types where high level biological filtration is needed. K1 Micro can also be used to replace existing filter media

We now stock WAKIN goldfish!!

Aquascape Inc
Vandermeer Nursery is now carrying Aquascape Inc products!fish koi food

See in store or email for details.

CRYSTALCrystalclear Koi FoodCLEAR Fish Food Pellets are an excellent daily diet for your koi or goldfish. Produced from high quality ingredients Crystalclear foods aim to optimize growth, health and to maintain natural colouring of your koi and goldfish.

Available variants: CC Staple 2.2lb & 8.8lb, CC Platinum 8.8lb, CC Wheatgerm 8.8lb

pondmaster filterPondmaster Clearguard Pond Filters

Clearguard Filter 2700 with 9W UV, Clearguard Filter 5500 with 18W UV,
and Clearguard Filter 8000 with 18W UV

-Versatile with 7 Functions: Filter, backwash, Rinse, Winterize, Empty, Circulate, and Close
-Combination of biological & Mechanical Media for Maximum Water Clarity and Healthier Ponds!
-UV Clarifiers are offered in 9W and 18W sizes
-Comes in 2700 and 5500 gallon Sizes
-Includes BOTH Slip and barbed Fittings
-Easy hook-up for a backwash air kit for the Ultimate backwash performance! (Air Kit not included)

Vandermeer Nursery Turtle Sanctuary

Please Note that our Sanctuary has a limited capacity. Please call for space availability before bringing a turtle to our location.

Located in our Water Garden and Fisheries Department visitors will find our turtle habitat. Since about 2006, Vandermeer Nursery has welcomed many pet turtles in need of a place to live.

We only accept turtles that are available through the pet trade, such as Red Ear Sliders, Yellow-bellied Sliders, and Cooters.

We offer a temporary home for these reptiles in need who may be neglected, mistreated or are otherwise unwanted. Our end goal is finding appropriate new “forever” homes for these turtles.

Many non-native turtles from the pet trade are released into our natural ecosystems by owners who no longer wish to care for them. This is not only ILLEGAL, this endangers our native species of turtles. So if you, or someone you know, is not longer able to care for their pet turtle call our store, (905) 427-2525, and ask for the POND Department to arrange a drop off appointment.

Our Turtle Sanctuary offers our staff an opportunity to:
- create awareness to the public about Non-Native vs Native turtle species
- promote responsible pet ownership practices
- and educate proper husbandry and maintenance practices for these wonderful reptiles.

pond spitter water fountain waterfall weir
Decorative Water Features found in Ornamental Access.

Download these Pond Information Sheets to help you design and maintain a healthy pond.

Choosing a Site for Your Pond
Guide to Pond Liner
Maintaining Water Quality
How to choose the right pump
Opening Pond for Season
Fish Care